Welcome to The Yogaholics,

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This is your source for inspiring positive change, thinking differently and living a more fulfilled and purposeful life using a pinch of ancient yogic philosophies and principles. Founded in March 2016 by dedicated yogi, writer and life hack enthusiast, Michael Weeks, The Yogaholics offers advice to navigate through the complex challenges of our beautifully frantic world we live in. Weekly updates will offer advice from other fellow yogi’s, experienced teachers and meditation experts in living a productive, zen-like lifestyle.

I hope you keep checking in to our regular updates and if you like one of our articles, please spread the word! 🙂 You will find anything from productivity, well-being, inspiration, mindfulness, yoga, healthy eating and personal development. Join The Yogaholics movement today and start living a happier, productive, stress-free life.

Feel free to get in touch at: mail@theyogaholics.com and check out our Facebook page.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me and making all the difference.

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