Karma yoga … positive change in the community.

Karma yoga … positive change in the community.

So I am following not only Ashtanga yoga now, but Karma yoga.

After Goa, and i’m sure after the next retreat I go on…  I will continue to feel the same I do now and vow to change. Every day is growth and progress, I promised myself  I would keep this up and through yoga we can help to make the world a better place.

There is so much wrong with the world… all it takes is a quick search or a ‘like’ of a certain page on facebook, to see how naive and how much we turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals in the world. We moan about it on social media, but how many of us actually stand up to make a difference?

FEW TO NONE. Everyone moans, about litter… animals and birds swallowing plastic (one small example of a big problem in the world)… but what do we do about it? Nothing. I really do feel connected to this Earth and its beauty, more so than ever…. but we are letting it be destroyed.

Its too big a task people say…. its not that easy to make a change.

It is, the change my friends… starts with us. You can start any time, anywhere… to make a change. It may be little, but once you find your inner voice and confidence, it will snowball. You have it in yourself, we all do, we just have to dig deep and have a belief we can make a difference.

So… I go jogging along our local beck… its a place of beauty, somewhere where I and my friends grew up, making dens, playing tigs, swinging off tarzees. My Father taught me to play football, we ran through the fields of high grass… we went sledging when it snowed. To my friends and I… and to many others, Acklam Bluebell Beck and Foxes Woods is a place of beauty, nostalgia and a great place to jog, for kids to play and just for walking.

However, the litter problem was starting to get out of control. The council wouldn’t pay to get it removed…. so some locals set up a group. ‘Friends of the bluebell beck’. They do monthly events, not only just litter picking, but walks describing the forests and becks different flowers and trees, its history (did you know its actually flood defences for houses also?).

My Dad volunteered and as I moaned about the state of the beck with litter, I decided, I can too make a difference. So, my friend Gary and I went along and helped the Ladies and Gentlemen of Bluebell Beck (Most OAP’s) and we have started to clean up the Beck, which to be honest… looks a million times better already!

Also, because i’m ‘Young and good at the facebook and the internet’ … I’ve  set up their facebook page, to help them get more support.

Their motto… ‘Friends of Bluebell Beck – caring for a community asset’

Isn’t this inspiring? A little change, can have the Butterfly Effect… all we need to do is start a change in ourselves, come together as a community and we can have a bigger effect. It comes from within ourselves!

I think this is an important message. Karma yoga… is basically, the yoga of loving, giving and serving. Its a valuable humbling thing and something I vow to do more of… we all should.

I felt inspired by these people and vow to help change the world, even if its by a little butterfly effect.

Whats your Karma Yoga for the day?


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