The chakras and happiness – Muladhara (Root)

The chakras and happiness – Muladhara (Root)

I love learning about the chakras. As I delve deeper into yoga, meditation and reiki, i find the chakras more fascinating. The chakras, when in balance, bring good mental and physical health. When out of balance, they can lead to certain emotional weaknesses, which portrays itself physically in the body. Also, if there are certain fears or emotions, it can manifest a physical problems, and vice versa.

The next series of blogs aims to look at the 7 chakras and how we can utilise them to bring more happiness to our lives.


Muladhara (Saskrit: Mula =root, Dhara = base), also known as the root chakra, is the first of the 7 chakras. It is located at the spine’s base.

The colour associated with Muladhara is red, this chakra links us to our roots, the earth and our ancestry. It is responsible for feeling safe and secure.

If our physical  needs (food, water, physical health, a nice place to live) and emotional needs (feeling settled, at home, having family, feeling safe, secure, loved, letting go of fear etc) are balanced then you should feel stable and create a good base for balancing other chakras.

When out of balance, pain can manifest itself in the lower body, such as digestive problems, hurt and stiffness in the legs, knees and ankles.

However, when in balance, you should feel loved, connected to others and to the earth, supported and settled.


If unbalanced… how do we bring balance to this Chakra?


Finding balance is through the belief – We have a right to be here, we have a right to feel connected and loved. We need to do what is right for us to feel connected, follow our heart and our passions. The right people will come into our lives to support us and make us feel grounded and at home. Basically, be the bestest and truest version of yourself you can be… and all will follow.

Get out in nature more.

Meditation is also good, not only does it help us connect to higher consciousness, it helps to keep us grounded. It helps us have faith in ourselves when we may feel a bit lost, helps us have more faith in the universe that we are on the right path and even if we are in a dark place, we can come out of it better and stronger. After all, the lotus flower grows from muddy waters. Trust in the universe.

Some of these mantras are good for balance:




I like to do this meditation before bed also which helps me bring balance:

Chakra meditation healing – Youtube


What are your experiences?

Namaste x





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