Yogaholics nutrition – protein packed sweet potato and chilli soup

Yogaholics nutrition – protein packed sweet potato and chilli soup


Yogaholics – Vegan,  quick & easy… Protein packed super sweet potato and chilli soup.

Dairy, gluten, animal free!

So I have fell in love with sweet potato and chilli soup… and it’s a brilliant recipe for yogini’s as its quick and simple to make… can be frozen and can be given an extra kick to provide protein without adding meat or dairy. All in all, it’s a super healthy soup to provide good carbohydrates and protein before or after a yoga session.

Garlic is prepared ayurvedically to keep nutrients and avoid making it toxic in this recipe.

The ingredients are as follows –

For the soup –

1 Tablespoon coconut oil

4 sweet potatoes (medium in size)

2 medium carrots

1 white onion

1-2 deseeded red chillis (or green) dependent on how spicy you want it

2-4 garlic cloves (depends on how much garlic you like…. Where for me, the more the better!)

1 litre vegetarian/ vegan stock cube

1 tablespoon Paprika

Salt & Pepper to taste

Method – Chop onion, chop and deseed red chillies, lightly fry in coconut oil on low heat.

Chop carrots, sweet potatoes (remove skins) and garlic cloves* (do not fry garlic, in ayurvedic cooking, garlic is not supposed to be fried. It is of its best form gently boiled or used raw, so when cooking, it should not be fried or over boiled).

Bring the carrots and sweet potatoes to the boil in the vegetable stock. Add more water if necessary.

Gently simmer, at a heat where sweet potatoes and carrots will soften but not a vigorous heat).

Add coconut oil, onion and red chillies.

Add chopped garlic and paprika.

When sweet potatoes and carrots soft, blitz in blender, or use hand held blender.

Voila! Your soup is made.

For extra protein and to make it a full meal, tear up some washed spinach leaves, add some soya beans and chopped avocado.

A delicious, healthy vegan meal that can be frozen and used within 1 month.

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