Yoga and Meditation Makes Me Happy – Journey of an experienced teacher

Yoga and Meditation Makes Me Happy – Journey of an experienced teacher

Hi Everyone

This is my first blog on Yogaholics and thank you to Michael Weeks for inviting me to write about my passion for yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

“I first began my yoga journey when I was in my 20s purely as an exercise thing, you know what I mean, I had been attending a gym and was looking for something a bit different, something with meaning and a lifestyle to it.  Well, from that came my passion for yoga followed very soon after by a deep love of meditation.”

I have been teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation for over 10 years now and run yoga classes and meditation courses in Stockton on Tees. The thing that sustains my passion is very simple… and meditation make me happy!    If you’re new to yoga and meditation or just thinking about giving it a try I really urge you to take that first step and be welcomed into a world of happiness 🙂

In 2012 I qualified as a meditation teacher with the British School of Mediation and loved the course so much I decided I would train to teach people to become teachers.

I  now run the North East centre for the British School of Meditation and I can’t believe how popular the meditation teacher training courses have been. I think we need so many more teachers to fill what I think is becoming an absolute need for meditation and mindfulness for us all in this busy world of ours and I am so pleased to have brought it here to the north east, so many of these courses and workshops are in the south.
If anyone out there is interested in this Meditation Teacher Training course it is fully accredited by Ascentis and the qualification is nationally recognised by the government agency OFQUAL.
If you may be interested in coming on the course I would be delighted to have a chat about it. The link to my website and to the BSoM website is below with all the info much love to all.


British School of Meditation website:

Just Be…Yoga & Meditation website:

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