Simple, Tasty, High Protein Vegan Brownies

Simple, Tasty, High Protein Vegan Brownies

The ultimate yogaholic treat!

These brownies are simple to make, no bake and minimal mess!

Delicious, high in protein and no guilt!

(My take on ‘bliss balls’ except I don’t like rolling out the ‘dough’ into balls).


What you need (tools)

A blender // Spoons // a Tupperware box // a knife


Almonds (2 cups) *can substitute with other nuts… cashews are nice too!
Dates (3 cups)
Raw Peanut butter (2 tbs)
Caocao powder (2tbs)
Coconut oil (1tbs)
*Optional – goji berries (Sometimes known as wolfberries)
**Optional, honey (Honey is nice ingredient but not vegan)

For decoration – Dessicated coconut, raw caocao powder


  1. Add ingredients to blender
  2. Blend!
  3. coat tupperware box in coconut oil
  4. Place blended ingredients into tupperware box
  5. Smooth out with a spoon to make mixture flat and browniesque
  6. Cut into rectangles with knife
  7. carefully place onto plate

You can always decorate them with dessicated coconut or raw caocao powder, or roll the mixture into balls and serve that way. 🙂



Voila! Simple yet seriously addictive. Play around with this, its super yummy and a quick easy guilt free snack!

By Aimee Lou 🙂

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